Welcome to the Brewster County Appraisal District. The Brewster CAD appraises for all the taxing entities in Brewster County. These include, Brewster County, Big Bend Regional Hospital District, The City of Alpine, Alpine ISD, Marathon ISD, San Vicente ISD, and Terlingua CSD.


NOTICE: All Renditions and Exemptions must be filed before April 15th 2013. Business who have not filed their rendition before April 15th, will receive a penality for not filing in a timely fashion. Texas Property Tax Code Sec. 22.28

Be Advised: There are many land sales taking place over the internet. Some of these sales are legitimate, many others are not. People who think they are buying 20 acres of land out here in West Texas find out that they only purchased a 1% undivided interest in the property. That means that there could be up to 99 other owners of that same 20 acres. If you are bidding on land on the internet please make sure that you are getting the full acreage and not an undivided interest, unless an undivided interest is what you are wanting to buy.


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